Use Google Tag Manager to get better data from better tracking

Free course on Use Google Tag Manager to get better data from better tracking

By Simo Ahava
Senior Data Advocate @ 8-bit-sheep


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More tags, more problems? Not anymore.

Most people barely scratch the surface of what Google Tag Manager is capable of—leaving tons of opportunity on the table.

Learning from random blog posts and courses means random tags, triggers, and variables in your GTM setup. No one knows how it really works. Someone is constantly messing it up. Tracking issues are the only events that seem to fire every day. 

GTM can seem intimidating, but it’s not that hard, especially if you’re learning from the GTM master, Simo Ahava. 

He’s not only recognized as the GTM expert, but also for his ability to pass his knowledge to others—in a way that’s immediately applicable.

Simo will give you confidence: You’ll know how the backbone of GTM works and, as a result, know how to set up a GTM structure that works day in, day out.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Chrome Developer tools
  • Best practices you need to follow so you can execute custom Javascript
  • How the DataLayer and the internal Data Model work together
  • How triggers work and how to debug your event tracking
  • What custom event listeners are and how to create one
  • What is the Universal Analytics tracker object and why it’s important
  • How customTask in Universal Analytics can be used in Tag Manager

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Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava is a recognized expert on customizing web analytics and tag management solutions to improve the entire “life cycle” of data collection, processing, and reporting. His main areas of expertise lie with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Google has appointed him as a Google Developer Expert in these fields.

Simo holds the position of Senior Data Advocate at 8-bit sheep. He also writes a popular blog on all things Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager development at

An experienced speaker and prolific blogger, Simo can be seen and heard in conferences, product forums, support communities, and developer meet-ups alike.

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Use Google Tag Manager to get better data from better tracking