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Guy Yalif Exclusive Personalization Videos


Here are the personalization lessons from Guy Yalif, cofounder and CEO of Intellimize, that we promised.

If you like these, sign up for Guy’s 8-session course on personalization and targeting for conversion through CXL Institute.

Lesson 1 – Where a Website Fits in the Acquisition Funnel

Lesson 2: Why a Data-Driven Approach to Conversion Matters

Lesson 3: Who Really Knows the Right Answer?

Lesson 4: A/B Testing

Lesson 5: Statistical Significance

Lesson 6: Measurement

Lesson 7 – Multivariate Testing

Lesson 8 – Rules-Based Personalization

Lesson 9 – Predictive Personalization

Lesson 10 – A Shift in Approach