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  • In 1994, the first ever banner ad had a clickthrough rate of 44%. Today, you’re lucky to get much above 0.1%.
  • In 2010, email capture popups on blogs routinely converted at 12–15%. Today, a rate of over 1% is impressive.
  • In 2018, LinkedIn posts with 500+ comments were commonplace. Today, 50 comments is a strong result.

Welcome to the Law of Shitty Clickthroughs. 

Over time, all marketing tactics decay. They become less effective due to overuse, resulting in shitty clickthrough rates.

There’s fast fashion, then there’s fast marketing.

Fast fashion is about taking a piece of clothing from an idea to being sold in stores in a week, giving clothing brands an advantage by moving quickly.

Fast marketing is about tapping into an arbitrage opportunity: finding channels and tactics with low saturation that will have an oversized impact if put to use quickly.

There are always marketers out there doing novel, pattern-interrupting stuff that works like gangbusters for a minute—until the masses adopt them.

It pays to be a trendspotter here. 

What’s an example of a fast marketing tactic?

  • How Wynter doubled demos with gift cards & LinkedIn Conversation ads.
  • How Kitsch increased PPC revenue by 32% by ditching Performance Max.
  • How Semrush increased SEO traffic by 64% using the F-pattern principle.

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We believe that the best marketers have deep, broad, and fast skills. 

  • Deep: Deep expertise in 1 to 3 areas of marketing.
  • Broad: A general understanding of all aspects of marketing.
  • Fast: Continuous learning of the tactics that work today.

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