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CXL 10

Events are about relationships, not powerpoints.

Come be in the room where it happens

Extend your network with top names in growth and CEOs who get marketing.

People into growth and experimentation come together on Nov. 17 in Austin, TX.

This is an in-person event. But not just another mindless conference.

  • Lightning talks by the industry top thinkers and doers
  • Structured discussions around the specific challenges and goal attendees have
  • Series of dinner parties designed to connect like-minded people

You don’t go to events for recycled content you can see on YouTube

Events are not about the content. People forget what one or another speaker said. Most content is available on YouTube anyway, or might be better as a podcast.

What virtual events and online content can’t deliver is human relationships. Conferences are made for lasting professional relationships. That’s the whole point.

And shared experiences unite people – making these relationships much stronger than a random encounter.

It’s very hard to build a relationship over Zoom, but it doesn’t take much to continue one on Zoom. That’s why in-person conferences matter.

That’s not to say content doesn’t matter: it does, and we’ve always brought our A-game. But high-quality content is table stakes. And in the end, other things matter more. 

This event focuses on building authentic relationships and spending quality time with other like-minded people. Conferences can be great, but most people don’t go for the powerpoint presentations.

We will match you up with people you need to meet

We start by surveying every attendee about what they’re working on, key goals, and obstacles.

Based on what you tell us, we will:

  1. create dedicated discussion roundtables, so people working on similar things get together and learn from each other.
  2. match you with up with relevant folks for mini dinner parties (new “dinner party” every 60 minutes)

General agenda flow

8:30 Arrival

9:00 Opening and welcome words

9:20 Lightning talks: eight 20-minute talks

12:00 Matched lunch. Find lunch mates at your assigned table.

13:00 Peer discussion round #1

14:30 Peer discussion round #2

16:00 Peer discussion round #3

17:30 Dinner Party. Socializing with food, drinks and music.

00:00 Party over

What’s on the menu

Tacos for food. 

For the intellectual menu, we have an assortment of top thinkers and doers. A slight bias towards people that are or have been part of CXL over the years. 

We kick the day off with 20-minute lightning talks. Each expert shares their top 10 lessons learned.

Peep Laja
Peep Laja
CXL / Speero / Wynter
Shiva Manjunath
Shiva Manjunath
Senior CX Strategist
Ben Labay
Ben Labay
Managing Director
Shanelle Mullin
Shanelle Mullin
Experimentation & Analysis
Alex Birkett
Alex Birkett
Experimentation Manager
Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker
The Content Studio
Chad Sanderson
Chad Sanderson
Head of Data
Chris Mercer - Content Marketing Speaker | Content Jam
Chris Mercer
Measurement Marketing
Brian Massey
Brian Massey
Conversion Scientist
Conversion Sciences

Structured discussions, peer to peer learning

We’re facilitating bringing together people with similar interests and challenges for better learning and connection-making.

Half of this event’s agenda is going to be roundtable discussions and connections in small groups. This way you get to actually learn how something is done while becoming fast friends.

Peer discussions divided into 3 tracks:

We will have 3 tracks for discussions and round tables. You can switch between topics every round.

  1. Experimentation and CRO
  2. Growth marketing
  3. Content and media

For each track, there will be a variety of discussion topics to choose from per peer discussion round.

Introverts: I got you.

I’m an introvert too. I can “turn it on” and be all outgoing, but I need serious cave time later.

With this event, I’m facilitating natural conversation and people meeting each other. I’m gonna do by best to make meeting new folks non-awkward, and I’m gonna introduce you to relevant folks.

You already have someone at the event you know: me. (Doesn’t matter if we’ve never met before). So come up to me like the homies we are, and we’ll take it from there.

Event facts

Date: Nov 17

Location: Central Machine Works, 4824 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702.

Start time: 9 am. End: midnight.

The closest hotels you could stay at: Arrive Austin, Heywood, East Austin Hotel, Mint House. Downtown Austin is also a short Uber/Lyft ride away.

A 1-day event with talks, roundtable discussions, and a big party for great relationship building.

It’s gonna be lit.

The venue packs just 300 people. That’s why I recommend you sort your ticket now. There are only 300 available.

100% refund if you need to cancel.

P.S. This event is not CXL Live. CXL Live is coming back in the spring of 2022. If you bought your tickets for the 2020 event, those will carry over for the 2022 event. But this is a separate, standalone event. Related, but separate.

COVID-19 Health and safety

We recommend everyone gets vaccinated. We will not require proof of vaccination or negative test results.

Obviously, if you’re feeling sick even in the slightest, stay home. The same goes if you’ve recently tested positive for COVID-19 or have recently been exposed. (We’re serious about this. And we don’t you to put people at risk because you’ll lose out on that ticket purchase. We’ll give a full refund if you need to cancel). 

In-person gatherings do carry risk of exposure. Attending this event is no different. We want to see you there if you’re comfortable with the risk of gathering in person. We can’t guarantee anything.