Brand marketing

Brand marketing attempts to create, sustain, or improve the strength of a brand. Brand marketing campaigns infuse marketing messages with the “brand voice” (i.e. tone and values). A strong brand builds rapport with buyers — beyond their preference for an individual product or service.

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What is brand equity?

Brand equity is a way to describe the strength of a brand. A strong brand has lots of brand equity; a new brand has none. A brand marketing campaign may set out to increase or recover brand equity.

What’s the role of brand in marketing?

Brand is often an important differentiator — buyers choose to buy from you because they recognize and like your brand. For strong brands, that decision may override practical considerations about features or cost.

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If you compete only on price, you’re a commodity. If you compete solely on features, you may pour money into product development without building any loyalty among your customers.

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From copy to design to full-on marketing campaigns, learn how to infuse your marketing with words, design, and other elements that help your brand stand out.

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Compared to other marketing strategies, brand marketing is esoteric. How do you communicate a “brand voice”? How do you monitor copy for a consistent tone?

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