Persuasion & Influence

Website Credibility: A 39-Point Checklist

If you’re Amazon or Apple—congratulations! You don’t have any credibility issues. Most of us aren’t so lucky. Almost all but the biggest of companies have an uphill credibility battle every time a new visitor lands on their site.

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Ancient Copywriting

In Ancient Greece, public speaking was the main channel for political debate and decision-making, legal decision-making, and even philosophical discussion.

As it became more and more important to society, so did rhetoric, which is the art of persuasive speaking and writing. Ancient philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero studied and practiced rhetoric… essentially boiling it down to a do-it-yourself guide.

That guide has been lost (ok, just forgotten). Until now.

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Why Our GrowthHacker.Tv Giveaway Failed (but Congratulations To The Winner)

Last Monday we announced a joint contest where one lucky CXL winner would receive a year long subscription to GrowthHacker.tv worth $348.

To enter all you had to do was leave a comment letting us know your biggest takeaway from Peep’s interview with Bronson Taylor & tweet the link to this page.

This was an experiment to see if we could pull off a competition without a lot of effort. The results were… eye-opening

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