Joanna Wiebe

Form Fields

You have a landing page and plenty of traffic, but no one is clicking the submit button on your lead generation form. What gives?

If you’re like most people, your first instinct is to remove form fields to reduce friction. Sounds simple and, well, pretty obvious, right? If you want more people to complete your form, ask less of them. A best practice was born.

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Swearing in Copy

Can you remember the last time your parents scolded you for swearing?

Throughout childhood, we’re conditioned to believe that swearing is inappropriate and crass. You could offend someone, it makes you seem uneducated, it’s unprofessional in the workplace… the list of reasons we’ve been told not to swear goes on and on.

But how bad is swearing, really? Is there a chance that it could be beneficial in business and optimization? As with most things people have told you that you absolutely should not do, there’s a chance you should be testing it.

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Copywriting Mistakes

Day in and day out, you’re surrounded by copy. You’re watching TV commercials, you’re seeing PPC ads in your search results, you’re visiting SaaS pricing pages, you’re shopping online for a new office printer… the list is endless.

It’s easy to look around and think, “Yeah, I could have written that.”

Whether you’re just getting started with copywriting or you’ve already written a few dozen landing pages, it’s important to know that copywriting mistakes are not few and far between.

To avoid making them yourself, it’s important to be aware of the most common (and costly) copywriting mistakes plaguing sites.

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Persuasion Techniques

You know that persuasion is a powerful weapon. Perhaps you’ve even read our 18 Cognitive Biases You Can Use for Conversion Optimization and realized that you are definitely not dealing with rational visitors. And anyone doing conversion optimization should know Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion.

However, there is so much more to persuasion than what can be boiled down to a handful of core principles. There are many other, lesser known persuasion techniques that you can use to increase your conversion rate.

If you’re not aware of them and how they impact your visitors, you’re leaving money on the table.

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Let’s say you just started using a new SaaS product. Who do you think would be able to explain the product to you more clearly: an engineer, a marketer or a customer service representative? You’d think the person who helped bring the product to life (the engineer), right?

His definition, however, would likely be more detailed and complex, thus, more difficult for you, a first-time user, to understand.

As it turns out, marketers struggle with clarity, too. And it’s hurting your conversions in surprising ways.

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Conversion optimizers are in the business of attention management, just like magicians.

It’s your job, as an optimizer, to direct attention and focus your visitors on the next step. Yet, so few of us do this effectively. Landing pages are full of distractions, calls to action are cluttered, etc.

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Double Your Conversion Rate

What’s a good conversion rate? A conversion rate that’s better than the one you currently have.

Whatever your current conversion rate is, today’s top conversion rate optimization experts have banded together to help you double it… in just 23 days.

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