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internal buy-in

Your Organization Really Doesn't Want Optimization To Succeed

Here’s something not many people talk about: no one at your organization really wants optimization to succeed – at least not in way that is most powerful and revenue impacting.

Let that sink in.

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5 Easy Ways To Destroy Organizational Support For Optimization

Developing organizational trust in your process and results is the most critical piece in the optimization process.

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How Can We Really Measure The ROI of Optimization?

Imagine you’ve been working on optimizing a site for a while now, say 3, 6 or even 12 months.

You’ve had solid winners each month, and you’re confident in the test results. These are not imaginary lifts. But now your conversion rate looks the same as when you started. How do you explain this to the boss/client?

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What’s on my mind

Hi, I'm Peep Laja—founder of CXL. I'm a former champion of optimization and experimentation turned business builder.

I do a lot of thinking, reading, and writing around business, strategy, and optimization. I send a weekly newsletter with what's on my mind on this stuff.