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Neal Cole

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Neal Cole is a freelance digital marketing consultant and writer who provides analysis and advice on website optimisation.

Neal worked in market research for over 10 years before moving into website optimisation for a major online retailer. He has a passion for consumer psychology and applying insights to marketing problems.

He writes regularly on his website, Conversion-Uplift, and has contributed articles for the user experience site Usabilla and for the market research site Greenbookblog.

Beyond Reason: 8 Subconscious Marketing Techniques to Boost Sales and UX

According to research by Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, up to 95% of our purchase decisions are directed by subconscious mental processes.

As digital marketers, we know this intuitively. How many articles have you read that advised you to appeal to the emotional, irrational, subconscious part of the brain?

Despite this evidence, a majority of marketing efforts still focus on making logical appeals to a rational mind.

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