Kamil Ali Rextin

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Kamil Ali Rextin is the General Manager of 42 a micro agency focused on Marketing / Sales Operations & Demand Generation for B2B SaaS Co. They’ve worked with companies like SproutSocial, Knak, Uptick Cin7 & more to build scalable demand generation & marketing operations.

The Modern Approach To Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing plays a critical role in the growth of many businesses across a variety of industries. However, many marketers often rely on ABM when it may not be the best fit. In addition, what worked for account-based marketing even just a few months ago, may not be the most optimal strategy for marketing today. 

In this article, we’ll explore how account-based marketing has changed over the years and whether or not it should be your focus. We’ll also explore in detail the many factors you need to consider to do ABM right. 

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