All Things Data-Driven Marketing

Landing Page Optimization Process for High Conversion Rates

Why is the gap between acquiring website traffic and converting a customer so big?

And how big is it really?

The answer depends on your industry and product but Morgan Brown and Sean Ellis highlighted in their book Hacking Growth that for every $92 spent on acquiring more web traffic, only $1 was spent on converting those visitors into actual paying customers.

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Startup SEO: How to Build a Defensive MOAT As a Startup

When it comes to startup SEO, you have to think differently than traditional, big-company SEO. This is especially true for bootstrapped startup founders, SEO is one of the most powerful growth channels you can invest in early on. And the earlier you start, the better.

First off, organic search is incredibly measurable compared to other marketing tactics. You can predict growth based on your keyword rankings and see exactly how much organic traffic and leads different SEO strategies are driving. That predictability is huge for a startup.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Building Dynamic User Experiences

The goal of personalization is to make a consumer’s experience with your brand valuable and personal to positively impact critical business metrics like purchases or qualified leads. Personalization tailors an experience for a particular subset of users to accomplish this and is increasingly cited as both a revenue driver for businesses and an expectation for consumers.

Traditional segment-based personalization approaches are an important step in providing meaningfully differentiated experiences. However, these personalizations can lack the personal touch because they are built to provide a one-to-many experience vs a one-to-one.

As with any personalization, dynamic user experiences require relevant data and consumer trust, which is getting more difficult to obtain.

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Get the Most Out of Your Sign-Up Forms

Building an audience has always been an important part of growing a business, but in recent years, how to keep that audience engaged with regular emailed content has been a question of growing significance. 

Before you can start curating content for that private channel, you need customers to sign up and agree to deepen the relationship you have with them, which is when sign-up form optimization comes in.

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Reining in Excessive Consumerism with Honest Advertising

Is advertising destroying the world?

Whatever answer you may land on, this is a question that the advertising industry may start having to reflect on more and more. 

In this time of global change, the world is on the cusp, or already falling down into environmental and economic catastrophe. Many industries are taking an inward look, assessing the damage they are causing and how they can remedy it.

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Multi-Faceting Your DTC Brand to Optimize Email Revenue

Presumably, you know your product’s USP. 

As part of your customer, product, and market research, you’ll probably have a clear idea of not only what your USP is, but how that USP benefits your customer, how it fits into the wider market, and all the potential implications for your business that comes with those things.

You shouldn’t stop there though. Multi-faceting your brand is about saying ‘ok, we’ve got our USP, but what other sides of the product should we be leveraging? How do they benefit your customers, how do they fit into the wider market, and what are their potential implications?

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The Role of Usability, Anxiety & Motivation in Ecommerce

So, you want to improve your website performance.

But where do you start?

Everyone in the business has their ideas.

Your competitors are adding fun-looking new features to their websites.

And you’re staring at your screen thinking, “Where do I even start?”

Enter The U.A.M Method (Usability, Anxiety, and Motivation).

This post breaks it down into:

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