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Edgar Špongolts
Director of Optimization
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Trusted by:
“Overwhelming (in a good way) and high value, quickly actionable and directly correlated to realistic lift.”
Ryan Bonifacino
CMO, Serta
“CXL always takes a step back and looks at the data. They have really helped us with getting more insights into our customers.”

David Kinneman, Founder, Bullymax

Work with us to:

Increase revenue per visitor
Lower your customer acquisition costs
Increase your margins
  • Why prospects actually buy the type of products and services you sell
  • The end benefit they’re searching for (in their own words)
  • What’s holding them back from buying more
  • Where in your sales funnel you’re losing customers — and why
  • Your prospects’ main concerns, doubts, and hesitations
  • Which parts of your website create the most friction

Are you the right fit to work with CXL?

Businesses that stand to gain the most from continuous revenue optimization usually look something like this:
  • Monthly online revenue = higher than $1,000,000 (or your leads are worth as much)
  • Monthly traffic = at least 100,000 unique visits per month

That’s the floor, not the ceiling. The more revenue and traffic you already have, the greater your potential ROI from revenue optimization.

CXL’s 5-step continuous revenue optimization process builds on itself for quick wins AND long-term gains

We identify where your website is leaking money, pinpoint your biggest potential gains, and map out your precise testing landscape (where and how to test, considering your site data).
We get to know your customers. Instead of fabricating useless “customer avatars” here, we conduct real qualitative research to better understand what your customers know, feel, and want.
We create optimized treatments for the areas of opportunity we identified in Step 1, from updating page structure and design to writing new, conversion-focused copy.
We run extensive, iterative tests to figure out which optimized treatments work best for your site. Even if a test “loses,” we’ll still learn from it.
Armed with the knowledge from Steps 1-4, we head back to Step 1 to launch our next tests.

Analytics Health Check & Test Bandwidth Calculation

Analytics Health Check
Before any research or serious testing starts, we make sure that all important metrics are being tracked and reported properly in your:
  • Analytics (e.g. Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics)
  • Testing tool (like Google Optimize, Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, and more)
  • Website back end (WordPress, Shopify, Magento, you name it)
Establishing this reliable baseline is critical for measuring our success. Unfortunately, while most companies believe their analytics are already perfectly configured, 90% of analytics configurations we come across are broken in some way. That’s why we check for errors right off the bat.
Test Bandwidth Calculation
Plus, because testing programs thrive on data, we’ll set up initial tests right away to validate instrumentation among your data sources.
Knowing how each step of the user journey can be tested (across devices and channels) helps us avoid wasting time or money on tests that are too small, too large, or too far removed from your goals. This step helps us determine your testing bandwidth, and understand where and how to test on your website.

Research & Insight Gathering

The conversion research process combines quantitative, data-based analysis with deeper, more subjective insight into the customer experience. This makes us aware of what can be improved on your site, and how.

Instead of guessing at who your audience is and what they want, or throwing random test ideas into the mix, we take a methodical approach that uncovers:

Who your audience is, what they want, why they want it, and how they consume it.

How your current website is performing, how users interact with it, and where its leaks and problem areas are
How we’ll collect these insights
Heuristic analysis — to identify “areas of interest” on your website, compare it to best practices and prototypical/competitor sites, and start IDing potential missed opportunities
Complete data analysis — to fully understand your traffic sources, user behavior, and optimization opportunities
Mouse tracking data analysis — to track mouse cursor movements, clicks, and scrolling on each of your pages to identify which features get attention and which don’t
User session recordings — to analyze how real visitors interact with your site
Qualitative research — where we discover “why they buy” (or don’t)
  • Online customer survey set up with recent first-time buyers to understand who they are, why they buy, and how they buy.
  • On-web and exit surveys set up on key pages in your sales funnel to figure out why people didn’t take action (buy, sign up, etc)
  • If needed, phone interviews with your actual customers, sales agents, and internal stakeholders
  • User testing with people who match your ideal customer profile to discover any and all friction points on your current site — and to see what’s already working
By the time we’re done with our data collection and analysis, we’ll have pinpointed your actual customer and how they use your website. Used correctly, this understanding blows all those fictional “Sally Salesperson” customer avatars out of the water.

Creating & Prioritizing Hypotheses

Based on our data-informed insights, our team of ingenious analysts will identify and map out solutions to each of your site’s problems. We’ll come up with multiple hypotheses and treatments to address each of the identified issues.

Since we can’t test everything at once, we rank each hypothesis and create a test order using our proprietary PXL prioritization framework.

This prepares us to start testing (using your current site as a control).


We’ve accomplished a ton already — and now it’s time to uncover even deeper insights. Run screaming from any consultancy that doesn’t lay similar groundwork first.

CXL performs proper controlled A/B/n testing, following the scientific method. We use strict stopping rules for tests to ensure trustworthy outcomes and to avoid imaginary lifts.

All tests run for a minimum of 2 business cycles (usually 2 to 4 weeks).

We always derive tests from data-backed hypotheses, never “call” them early, and take external factors (like data pollution) into consideration when evaluating the outcomes.

After each test, we’ll conduct a post-test analysis and present our findings to you.

Rinse & Repeat

Testing is an iterative process — not a one-and-done project. With each test, we learn something new about your customer and what keeps them moving forward through your website.

With each test and each site update, we collect valuable data to refine and improve our future hypotheses.

“I’m interested. How do we start?”

Start learning immediately with our Testing Program
Your retainer engagement with CXL Agency includes thorough qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, test hypothesis creation, and extensive testing. By the end of your first three months with CXL, you’ll have much deeper customer insights than ever before.

As we implement your testing program, the CXL team becomes an extension of your team.

You’ll have two dedicated analysts working on your site, whose work is triple-checked by our chief optimization architect. You’ll also have access to our client service team, who will respond quickly to your inquiries and keep you updated about your test progress.

You should know it’s extremely rare to achieve breakthrough results with a single test.

The success of a testing program comes from cumulative lifts over a longer period of time.

That’s why you’ll get the best results from a structured, research-focused optimization process, during which we learn more and more about your audience and your site.

Partnership Plans

Flat Fee

Our online revenue optimization plans are available for a flat, transparent monthly fee on a 6-month or annual basis. This allows us to partner with you to set up and run a continuous program for you and your team.

Performance based

We get paid when you see results. Contractually guaranteed ROI

In order to qualify for performance pricing, we must believe that we can make at least $1,000,000 for your business, and in turn make at least $100,000 (10% of revenue created). Because engagement and resources are expensive, this means that we would need to turn down smaller projects. 

Set up a free strategy call with one of our experts to discuss which plan is the best fit for your organization.

Work with the experts who turned “Online Revenue Optimization” into a must-have service

Conversion Research Program

Our flagship ResearchXL engagement. During our deep dive into your data, we’ll…
  • Make sure your analytics software is tracking the right stuff — if needed, we’ll set up funnel tracking & other action tracking
  • Set up heatmap and clickmap tracking — so we know where people click (and where they don’t)
  • Install scrollmap tracking — so we can see how and whether people scroll on your site.
  • Create exit surveys on key pages in your sales funnel — to figure out why people didn’t take action
  • Run usability tests — We’ll perform user testing with 10 people who match your ideal customer profile to discover any and all friction points on your current site. This also shows us what’s working well
  • Analyze your website for flaws and opportunities — we’ll stack your website up against all major conversion frameworks to identify its shortcomings
  • Deploy customer surveys — By surveying at least 100 people, we’ll gain a much better understanding of who your prospects and customers are, why they buy, and how they buy
Your ResearchXL report doubles as a specific, actionable roadmap for boosting your onsite conversions.

How long does delivery take?
Up to 40 days (30 days to data collection, up to 10 days of analysis and report writing).

+ Biometric & Eye-Tracking Analysis

This plan includes everything from the Conversion Research Program, plus advanced biometric data collection and analysis. 

Our moderated user testing tools track your users’ emotions, eye movements, and other revealing physiological data, including…
  • Pupil dilation
  • Facial expressions
  • Heart rate
  • Emotional valence — both positive and negative emotions like delight, frustration, anger and so on
With this intelligence, we don’t just see what users see on each page of your site. We get to go so much deeper. Your deliverable from this program will give you detailed insights into…
  • How your users behave — From what they see to what they do on each page, including what areas of the site they view, for how long, and in what order
  • What your users feel — AKA how they perceive your site’s relevance, trust, orientation, security, & convenience
How long does delivery take?
Up to 45 days (35 days of data collection, up to 10 days of analysis and report writing).
“Overwhelming (in a good way) and high value, quickly actionable and directly correlated to realistic lift.”
Ryan Bonifacino, CMO, Serta
"We never wanted to hire another conversion rate optimization agency. We knew we wanted the best and that was CXL."
Moiz Ali, Founder, Native
“We chose CXL Agency because we wanted to work with the best CRO experts in the industry”
Eric Bruyn, Digital Marketing Manager, Iron Mountain

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