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Conversion Research Program

Our flagship ResearchXL engagement. During our deep dive into your data, we’ll…
  • Make sure your analytics software is tracking the right stuff — if needed, we’ll set up funnel tracking & other action tracking
  • Set up heatmap and clickmap tracking — so we know where people click (and where they don’t)
  • Install scrollmap tracking — so we can see how and whether people scroll on your site.
  • Create exit surveys on key pages in your sales funnel — to figure out why people didn’t take action
  • Run usability tests — We’ll perform user testing with 10 people who match your ideal customer profile to discover any and all friction points on your current site. This also shows us what’s working well
  • Analyze your website for flaws and opportunities — we’ll stack your website up against all major conversion frameworks to identify its shortcomings
  • Deploy customer surveys — By surveying at least 100 people, we’ll gain a much better understanding of who your prospects and customers are, why they buy, and how they buy
Your ResearchXL report doubles as a specific, actionable roadmap for boosting your onsite conversions.

How long does delivery take?
Up to 40 days (30 days to data collection, up to 10 days of analysis and report writing).

+ Biometric & Eye-Tracking Analysis

This plan includes everything from the Conversion Research Program, plus advanced biometric data collection and analysis. 

Our moderated user testing tools track your users’ emotions, eye movements, and other revealing physiological data, including…
  • Pupil dilation
  • Facial expressions
  • Heart rate
  • Emotional valence — both positive and negative emotions like delight, frustration, anger and so on
With this intelligence, we don’t just see what users see on each page of your site. We get to go so much deeper. Your deliverable from this program will give you detailed insights into…
  • How your users behave — From what they see to what they do on each page, including what areas of the site they view, for how long, and in what order
  • What your users feel — AKA how they perceive your site’s relevance, trust, orientation, security, & convenience
How long does delivery take?
Up to 45 days (35 days of data collection, up to 10 days of analysis and report writing).

Our key strategists

Director of Research

Ben Labay
Ben combines years of academic and statistics training with customer experience and UX knowledge to help scope and run conversion research programs for companies around the world. ‍ Client projects include: ADP, Native, Codecademy, and National Bankcard
Ben Labay

Director of Optimization

Edgar Spongolts
Edgar has more than a decade of experience running various companies. All of this experience is applied through crafting meticulous CRO strategies that maximize the value gained from an optimization process. Client projects include: ADP, Iron Mountain, BitDefender, and eBay
Edgar Spongolts

Senior CRO Strategist

Annika Thompson
Annika has been doing digital marketing and optimisation since 2012. She brings in-house experience from start-ups to FTSE 100 corporations. Combining research skills from her master’s degree with the most recent digital expertise she tackles the complex client problems to help companies like Native, Codecademy, Charles Tyrwhitt and TeeSpring grow their online revenues.
Annika Thompson

CRO Strategist

Gertrud Vahtra
Gertrud is passionate about merging quantitative and qualitative data to get insights into customer behaviors, motivations and their “pain points”. She's a core CRO strategist and project manager for CXL, and brings true curiosity and care to helping clients improve their websites. Client projects include: Codecademy, Bitcasino, MongoDB, BitDefender and Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts.
Gertrud Vahtra

CRO Strategist

Haley Carpenter
Haley has years of agency experience working on testing programs, research, and project management. She’s passionate about driving impactful results, building superb client relationships, and working on complex challenges. Client projects include: Vitamix, Olaplex, Miro, Parkmobile, and Toast
Haley Carpenter
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