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All Things Data-Driven Marketing

How and When to Use Sex to Sell More

Sex sells – everybody knows. Or does it?

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Why You Shouldn't Assume How Users Feel About Your Site [Rant]

I wrote this short rant.

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Invent a new category, charge more

Somebody asked me the other day how can they charge more for their product. Like way more than people are used to paying for products in that category. The solution: create a new product category.

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Design like Jagger or why you shouldn't design your own website (unless you're a designer)

Don’t design your own website. No, really. It will suck.

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53 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate

Somebody asked me the other day, what are all the possible ways to increase the conversion rate? Is there a library of all the things that have made the difference? I looked for one, but couldn’t find it. So I decided to put one together myself.

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What to Test First, Second, Third

The correct answer is of course that you should start testing where you have the most traffic and/or the biggest leak.

But let’s assume for a minute that you have no data. Maybe it’s a brand new site.  Changing the color of your button might result in a 1.2% improvement, but a better offer can bring upon a 320% improvement. In that case you should start your testing with variables that can really boost your results.

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What I Learned From Reviewing 45+ Websites (Are You Making The Same Mistakes?)

Recently I critiqued a number of websites (links at the bottom of the post) and made suggestions for improving their conversion rates. I noticed that the key problems were pretty much the same for most of them. It’s highly likely your website suffers from the exact same problems.

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The last 22 (part IV)

This post is the fourth and last in the feedback series for now. All the websites submitted on time (by 26th of December) have gotten their feedback.

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Critique: Increasing Your Conversion Rate (part II)

Last time I kicked off my Christmas present series – a series of posts where I give public feedback to my readers’ sites. This is the second post in the series with more conversion-boosting advice.

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Critique: Increasing Your Conversion Rate (part I)

I gave my readers a Christmas present: free public feedback for their site. I got a ton of submissions and I won’t be able to cover them in a single post, so there will be many. This is the first post in the series, covering the first 6 websites.

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